Is the LENScience Connect Community safe for students?

This community is as safe as we can make it.  Discussion forums and groups are all restricted to members only, and we only approve members who are from our target audience – students, teachers and scientists, and they must be from an institution that we can identify as legitimate.

We are constantly monitoring all discussion forums, groups and comments in accordance with our Terms of Service, and any harmful content posted will be immediately removed.  If you see something before us though – send us a quick email and we’ll sort it out straight away.  Any members who act in a derogatory, mean or inappropriate manner will immediately have their membership revoked and be banned from the site completely.

Our goal here is to provide a meaningful hub for information dissemination – we want you to be able to come and read our blog, talk and share things with other members in your group, and actively contribute to intelligent discussion in the forums.

How do I add documents or create a group?

Flick us an email – we’ll need to do it for you.

I have signed up but I cannot join a group?

Most groups are invite-only.  To join a group, a LENScience admin, a teacher, or one of your peers will need to add you to the group.  If you don’t know anyone already in the group, drop us a line and we’ll introduce you!

How do I join in on a discussion?

Click on “Discussion Forum” on the top ribbon.

Click on the discussion you want to contribute to, then scroll to the bottom of the list of comments, type your response in the box and click “Reply”